Friday, 23 March 2012

So far so good - Week 4 of Vitamin D supplements

Hi all! Well, my skin has done a total u-turn and I noticed this on the 2nd week of taking my Vitamin D supplements. My itching has reduced to once, maybe twice WEEKLY and my skin is clearing.

Pics to come on next post, promise. I have my follow up docs appointment next week and I'll make sure to request another blood test to see how well my body is absorbing the Vitamin D.  I want to know his thoughts on maintaining a 5,000IU daily amount forever, rather than 1,000 as I'm more prone to a deficiency due to my skin colour.

Any fellow eczema sufferers out there who notice their skin improves in the summer, I urge you to get tested. It may just be that you need supplements in the winter.

As for my other items I'm using, I use the skin relief with a few drops of tea tree oil and I use piriton in the evening. It doesn't help with itching, but helps me sleep.  As hayfever season is upon us I'm having very runny and itchy eyes so I've had to start taking cetirizen in the day as my eyes were becoming aggravated (If it's not one thing it's another!) Arrrgggh!! Anyhoo, positive thinking and all that :)

Speak soon. xx

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