Monday, 5 March 2012

Telephone Consultation - Vitamin D deficiency update

Well, although short and sweet, my doctor concluded that my severe Vitamin D deficiency was the root cause of my skin woes.

He is convinced I will see improvement once I get started on treatment. He recommended I start an immediate 8 week course of 60,000IU once a week, look into my diet for any triggers, take in the sunshine when I can and take 2000 units thereafter forever.

I am so glad he is on board with me and our focus is in tune.

I had a follow up appointment booked for the 8th March which I'll cancel until the end of the month. At this appointment I'll feed back how my new items are working or not working (Aveeno Skin Relief, Eucerin face cream etc). I will review those individually over the course of next week. I'll also ask for another blood form to retest in 8 weeks time to ensure my body has absorbed the Vitamin D properly.

So, I have taken my weekly dosage this morning. Wish me luck!
Thanks for reading :) xx

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