Friday, 25 May 2012

Support Network Essentials!! Family and Friends can help you. Just ask them.

Firstly, who's loving the weather right now!!! Woohoo!! Sorry about that. Back to business!

In my personal opinion if you do not have the correct support from those closer to you, living with eczema can become a lot harder and more emotionally draining then it needs to be.

I've found that telling people around me, even my kids really helps me deal with the stress of flare ups. My kids offer to apply cream to my back and my daughter even discourages me from scratching!! It's just nice to know that when you're low and a bit miserable and snappy, they understand that it's not personal it's just something I'm going through and they support me through it. My husband has been my rock during this long long flare up. He's supported all my endless hours of talking about possible remedies, applying my creams and ensuring the room is well ventilated etc. I tell you, I don't know where I'd be without them!

Tell your support network about your eczema, when it flares they'll be more understanding and able to help and support you when you need it. :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Photo: Back Flare up

As promised (albeit, a LONG time ago) here is a picture of my back flare up at it's worse. This flare up had been ongoing since September 2011 through to February 2012.

As you can see the flare is mostly situated around the entire bra strap line, and I have since moved on to seamless racer back bras.  The flare also spread to my neck and my collar bone, but not as bad as my back.

Although my concoction had started to make a small difference, it was only when I went to Turkey for a week and was subsequently put on a high dosage of Vitamin D3 that I started to see a massive improvement.

Later on today, or possibly tomorrow I will post a picture to show you how my back looks now.

Thanks for reading.