Friday, 26 October 2012

One size does not fit all

It's great to get information and experience about what other people are doing to help their eczema, however, it's really important not to become demotivated when a remedy or routine does not work for you.

I became very frustrated when I tried the latest oily pill or cream and found that it just did not work for my skin, I literally went through tons of things in attempt to help my skin, however, I never used it or continued with it long enough to find out if it actually worked!! Annoying! Not as annoying as wondering why on a particular product works for tons and tons of people and not you!! I will never stop my research into products and methods to help my eczema, but I've stopped the expectations. There is no miracle cure!! It's always a good idea to review your products every now and then, because they can occasionally start working, or worse, you can develop an allergy to them.

So keep an open mind and good luck.


  1. I also get frustrated with people telling me 'ooh, you should try xxx as it works so well with eczema' ....yes, for you or someone you know but not for everyone. Leave me alone to make up my own mind, people

    1. Hey @MyItchyBoy so sorry it took so long to publish your comment! Thank you so much for contributing!! It is really frustrating and I know people are only trying to help, but when you're desperate and distressed it's the last thing you need! xx

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  3. So much this! Have you looked at my blog post ? I hate when people preach to you that you should try something but in the end every one is different. Everyone's conditions are different and the way everyone's bodies react are different too! Frustrating :p

  4. Hey! @Jenny stradling I will check out your post now! It is annoying, but I keep telling myself they're only trying to help!! LOL.

    Thanks for commenting. xx